Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Unlazy Susan

I'm so happy to finally have a free weekend to myself. Now by "free weekend" I still have tree shopping for SWE, the quarterly ice cream party, date night, and two volleyball games. But close enough, right?

So how do I spend my "free" time? Fixing things I can't stand, of course.

And what is it that's been bothering me the most?

This. I understand that this is supposed to be a good idea. I've attempted to somewhat keep it organized, but my efforts have been futile.

So I went to "The Evil Empire" and purchased 2 of these bad boys in an attempt to fix the mess.

And in order to clean something up, you have to make a bigger mess first, right? Unfortunately, in the middle of my bigger mess, Allison and Alex decided to pay a visit. And they judged me, obviously.

Despite their judgey-ness, my bigger mess quickly paid off. My four bags of dark brown sugar (I'm not exactly sure why I had that many) look much nicer in a spiffy container.

And to make my life easier (and just overall cuter), I whipped out my lovely silhouette to make some vinyl labels.

Now how cute is that?

While it's still driving me crazy that I can't maximize the storage space on a circular surface, the new arrangement is so much more functional and that makes me happy. HURRAY!


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