Tuesday, August 5, 2014

one year

As of July 26th, I have officially own my cute little house on Lynnrae for a whole year. I know, it's crazy! This time last summer I was spending ungodly amounts of money on new paint, taking on my first tiling project, dragging my tired self back and forth EVERY night between the house and my old apartment, and moving in all my worldly possessions (aka all the crap I'd accumulated this far).

Even a year later, I am still overwhelmed by all the love and support I got in helping me make my house a home.

Barb, Allison, and Alex may possibly qualify as the most amazing friends on the planet. Without their constant help, the entirety of my pre-moving to-do list would've taken ten times longer. And goodness knows, there's no way I would've had patience for that.

My wonderful parents made an extra trip to Wichita just to help tackle the beast of a project of redoing my kitchen backsplash. I absolutely HAD to accomplish that immediately, and I'm grateful they were willing to help grant my wish.

Chris blew all of my boyfriend expectations out of the water with his constant patience and willingness to tackle my ever growing honey-do list WITHOUT COMPLAINING. If that alone doesn't make him a keeper, I'm not sure what does (that's a lie. I've discovered many reasons to keep him around, but that was the one that completely knocked my socks off). He spent almost every evening he had available working on projects with me, even though it meant both of us had to sleepily make our way back to the north side of town in the rain night after night.

Finally, I can proudly brag that I had FOUR coworkers + two of their wives who volunteered and showed up to help me move. Seriously, people volunteered. I'm not making that up. Who the heck knows people that willing volunteer for that kind of torture?! Uh, apparently I do.

Wow, now that I've reminisced on all the awesome things these people have done for me, I feel like I need to make them cookies or something. For real. They are way too awesome.

Anyway, I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. The grandeur of the one-year milestone kind of got me in the mood to get back to updating this thing. I have a few completed projects I'd like to get on here, as well as a few very exciting (eeeeeeee!) things coming up in the future. So get ready; I'm about to blow your minds with awesomeness.


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