Thursday, November 7, 2013

kitchen appliances

Remember this picture?

Yes, the one missing half of the useful kitchen appliances I enjoy using frequently. The house was indeed microwave-less when I moved in, but it did, however, actually have a stove. 

I took this picture with the camera on my old phone, so it's a little difficult to see what's wrong.

Ah,  there it is. THE MISSING CHUNK OF STOVE TOP.  Not cool. 

I did, fortunately, notice this problem when I first looked at the house, so I included a $500 contingency in my offer to replace it. Hurray!  New stuff!

Originally,  I had my sights set on a double oven.  How fantastic would that have been? But I discovered a review online which explained that there isn't a warming tray on them,  since it takes up more room to include the two separate heating areas. 

When I read that, I immediately thought, "That's what that drawer is for?! I've always used it to store junk."  Then I realized the implications of not having this convenient storage area. My kitchen is already lacking precious cabinet space, so I'd hate to lose an extra hiding spot. 

Real talk: double ovens are considerably more expensive than the nifty $500 I had to start with. I really didn't buy one because I couldn't justify dropping that much money on something I didn't actually need.  But sometimes I like to pretend I have more adult reasoning skills than just "I'm poor." It makes me feel better, okay?  

So I made my way to a local appliance store one weekend to pick out a new stove and microwave. 

And then they told me they were having a Thursday sale. 

So I went back Thursday. 

Unfortunately,  they were so swamped at the sale that they forgot to include installation  on my order :( But again,  I have awesome people in my life that know how to do these things. 

Chris hooked everything up on the stove for me, moved it into the kitchen, went grocery shopping with me, then cooked me a delicious meal using the new oven (yeah, that definitely deserves some bragging).

I'm pretty sure he's a keeper ;)

Later that week,  Alex came over and installed all the hardware to mount the microwave on the wall.  

Then Chris drilled the hole into the upper cabinet and placed the spacer blocks.  

Then my mom, sister, and I tried to mount the microwave.  It wouldn't fit.

So Alex came back and adjusted the mounting hardware. 

Then Allison, Barb, and myself all helped him get the microwave attached. 

Team effort! 


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