Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Coffee Corner

Counter space is prime real estate in my kitchen. With the little area I do have, I have to be choosey about what gets to sit out. The mixer always wins. Always.

I don't have a big coffee maker, but the one I do have would be too troublesome to take out every time I wanted to use it. So the adorable coffee corner is a must have.

Now let me tell you, finding a piece of furniture to fit this corner was much harder than I thought it would be. That extra lip on the window sill really caused me some problems. This cabinet is actually the second one I bought to try there, and it just barely makes it. But it works, so I won't complain.

The best part is all the bonus cabinet space I'm able to use in it. It should really be called the beverage corner, because I store all of my drinking accessories there. And now you know where to find the wine-a-rita mix at my place. You're welcome.

Thanks to my sister for helping me find it at Home Goods and paying for half of it. Such a sweet house warming present :)

Next, I found this wonderful shelf at Hobby Lobby. I waited until the "decorative metal" was 50% off before I purchased it. Ain't nobody got time to pay full price for that stuff.

And usually I'm patient enough to wait until after Thanksgiving to start my Christmas decorating, but this year has been a whole other story.

I have a lot of Christmas hand towels I never get around to actually using, so I decided to line each of the baskets with one.

And I hit up the holiday section at "The Evil Empire" and bought myself a collection of cheap decorative mugs. I had to scour through the display to avoid the really crappy ones, but for $1.98 each I think I did okay.

And we all remember my wonderful glitter letters from last week. I added a couple of birdie friends my mom and I found when she came to visit last weekend.

And get this, when Christmas is over I'm going to add EN so I can ENJOY my glitter letters all year long!


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