Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Backsplash

Oh my, the backsplash.

If I had to pick the single worst thing about the house,  it would have to be the backsplash.

It was awful.

How on earth could anyone think this was a good idea? Can this even go around an outlet?

No.  The answer is no,  it cannot.

And these pictures don't do it justice. Can you image cleaning flour off of each of those little ledges?  Or scrubbing explosive spaghetti sauce out of the porous rocky surface?

Me neither.

Without a doubt this was the first thing that needed to be taken care of (priorities,  right?). The weekend I closed on my house,  I immediately went at it and tore off a chunk of the stuff. Oh buddy,  did that feel good.

And because I have The Best Parents on the Planet,  they came to town and took down the rest one afternoon while I was at work.

Which may have been more difficult than any of us really predicted. 

Apparently, the thinset was caked on so thick it soaked into the wall. This made it nearly impossible to remove the backsplash without taking the wall with it.

So we had the added step of replacing dry wall too (which I actually enjoyed learning how to do that).

TBPOTP were also kind enough to bring their wet saw and extensive tiling knowledge to help me install these bad boys.

It's better already. 

We were able to get all the tiling done in one weekend.  Hurray!  

Now because I'm impatient and wanted to make everything in my house look pretty immediately,  I had already gotten a few more projects started at this point.  So one evening while I was off painting something, my wonderful friends Alex and Barb grouted the tile. 

And Allison painstakingly sealed all the grout with the wrong type of sealer until we discovered the handy spray kind. Oops! 

But I ended up with this gorgeous backsplash that is all mine. Please just marvel the pretty tile and ignore the clutter. 

Now you may notice I'm lacking any of those handy food cooking appliances. There will be another post on that dilemma later. 


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