Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I love painting.  I find it enjoyable and relaxing and rewarding.

Which is probably why I was okay purchasing a house painted an awful color.

I originally assumed that the previous homeowner chose the less than desirable shade.  But after snooping through a parade of homes house down the street, it looked as though the builder was responsible for it. And that explains why EVERY room was that same color.

Well, every room but the bathroom.

Those baby poo green stripes were definitely custom and I was I definitely not feeling them.  At All.

I will admit,  while the colors undoubtedly weren't my style,  I could have still lived with them. Buuuuuuuut, I had a month left on my apartment lease and decided to go ahead and get all the painting done before I had to move furniture in.

I've always loved the color gray, so I knew that's what I wanted to do for the main portion of the house.  I chose a lighter shade of it to brighten the place up.

The color immediately made the house feel bigger. My cramped corner with four doors shoved into it was no longer as claustrophobia-inducing as it originally was.

The master bedroom received a few coatings of a cool light blue paint. I'm still in the process of coordinating the pieces in the room to really make it gorgeous (in other words, the room is a disaster, so you get a boring wall picture).

The once ugly bathroom is now a sunny yellow with custom board and batten. I've been slowly adding dark gray accents to really add to it's charm.

The spare bedroom (currently my extra storage area) is still sporting the original brown. Eventually,  it'll be my "office" (or fancy craft room). I'm already planning a really adorable design for it after I clear out all the extra clutter.

And my front door and door in from the garage are both still very sad looking. Those will both be getting some updates soon as well.


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