Friday, November 22, 2013

Love Sticks

Random acts of kindness are my favorite. I get a lot of self satisfaction from doing things to make others happy. And since Chris is so easily amused, it doesn't take much on my part to make him smile.


Granted, if he's going to buy my roses, bring me chocolate covered strawberries, and stand outside in the cold darkness to replace my light fixtures all in the same week, I need something that's quick and simple to return the love. That's where the love sticks come in. 

In all honesty, I made a batch of these a while ago and they've lasted for quite a long time. Chris only opens about four or five of them a week, so he's been able to savor each of the happy notes. And they're easy to replenish, so I can add more as time goes on.

Here's how they're made (did I mention I did all of this FOR FREE? Because I did, which makes it an even better project):

I took leftover scrapbook paper and cut it into squares. I had a lot of scraps from making an 8x8 baby book, so they were pieces I probably wouldn't have found a use for anyway. Score! Plus, it was a little boy pack, so it has fun patterns like trains and rocketships on it. The green ones are his favorite.

I write one thing I love on the unpatterned side of each piece. The flowers and strawberries are each getting a square this go around. 

I then roll it up as tight as possible.

Once rolled, I grab the very middle and pinch it. 

From the middle, I add alternating pinches on each side.

And that's how you get a love stick.

I had a clear glass container I used for storing knives when I lived in the apartment. Due to a new kitchen setup, the container was no longer getting any use.

I slapped some stickers on it (also leftover from another project).

And shoved some love in it.

See. Easy peasy. 

And it's so customizable that I think I might start using it for other people as well. I feel like this would work great for sending some good vibes to my long distance friends.


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