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Hello and welcome to my very eclectic site!

Since I do have random bursts of organizational tendencies, I have created a top ten list of Michelle facts. I try to keep this mostly up-to-date, but I can't make any promises :)

1. I am a twenty-something from the Midwest. I moved away from all of my family and friends after I graduated college, but I have met lots of wonderful people in my new town and somehow found ones that celebrate friendship anniversaries.

2. Yes, yay for cakes. And cupcakes and cookies and bars and brownies and anything else found on pinterest. I may have a sweet tooth.  And a thing for baking. This led me to taking multiple cake decorating classes with my new found friends, and more often than not I'm creating adorable treats for my friends and coworkers. 

3. I have a big kid nine-to-five job. Only, it's actually more like seven-to-five, and I'm really disappointed cliche American idioms did not prepare me for that. 

4. I work in an office that is predominately men. Which could be why I feel it is completely appropriate to wear all pink every once in a while.  

5. I don't own any pets.  I now have a hedgehog. His name is Russell (google the movie "Once Upon a Forest" to see why). He is adorable and all over Instagram. Go check him out. 

6. I have a policy that I try really hard not to gush about my love life (or typically lack thereof) on Facebook.  I find it annoying being inundated by it from others on my newsfeed, so I refuse to be one of those people.  However, you CHOSE to read this much about my personal life already, so I feel it is appropriate to mention on my blog. Plus, he is such an important part of my life (and oh so useful with all the adult type things I suck at), so it's very difficult not to mention him every so often (spoiler alert: He does get name dropped quite a bit).

7. I am actively involved with a local professional society in town.  While it is very time consuming,  it is also very rewarding.  If you'd like to learn more about it or stalk that site too,  you can go here.

8. Either by luck or fate or the incessant peer pressure from a good friend,  I am now a coach for a super awesome all-girls robotics team.  I. LOVE. IT. I never imagined it would become such a big part of my life, but it has and I'm perfectly okay with it.

9. My childhood passion of playing volleyball is still my favorite pastime. Last spring I signed up for a random coed indoor team at the Y and ended up with a fantastic assortment of misfits.  I thoroughly enjoy every Tuesday when we play, even if the games are scheduled past my old lady bed time (8:45 is just really late, you know).

10. I am painfully sarcastic 90% of the time. I'm not actually as full of myself as I've led you to believe.  But if you want to keep on thinking I'm an overall rad person,  by all means keep doing so. I won't complain.

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