Tuesday, September 9, 2014

bake cook serve

I have a fairly small kitchen and a fairly large collection of kitchen gadgets. It's safe to say, that combo can be somewhat frustrating. In my continuous effort to organize the space, I've gone through a handful of attempts at corralling all my cooking utensils.
Honestly, I would prefer to keep them all in a drawer. Unfortunately, those are practically non-existant in my house (seriously, the same goes for my bathroom). While I shove as much as possible into the two I have, the easiest solution has been to store the rest on the counter.

Cramming everything into one container wasn't quite working for me, so I conceded and split it all up amongst three of them.  I purchased some cheap-o plastic ones from wally world to use.

And because I have a wonderful Silhouette Cameo, I was able to  easily make a few vinyl labels to stick on them.

Cheap. Easy. Cute. My favorite things!

As an added bonus, the toy boy* has even commented the labels make it "boyfriend-proof." So there's no excuse for him not to put dishes away too!
*I did not come up with this nickname, but it's been a year and it still makes me laugh so I'm going to keep using it (even if it results in having to do the dishes by myself).


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