Wednesday, November 12, 2014

craft night

It's no secret I am pinterest obsessed. I just love the overwhelming source of crafty inspiration it provides. So when Allison sent me 3 emails in a row with craft projects she had found, I started formulating a plan.

I love doing crafts, and I love sharing that satisfaction that comes from creating. So as a "Christmas present" to some of my lovely friends, I have decided to work through some of my pins and host "The 25 Crafts of Christmas."

Yes, that is correct. 25 crafts.

I am aware I am insane.

Here's the deal: I'm starting early (typically I am a no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving kind of girl), I'm spreading it out into multiple craft nights, and I'm keeping it easy. So fingers crossed this works.

I will be hosting a total of 8 craft nights (or afternoons) for my friends to come join me. I've arranged for 3 or 4 projects each night and tried to have a theme for each set. My friends are invited to come to any nights of their choosing and work on whatever projects interest them.

It's going to be a blast, and I can't wait.


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