Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PE! Cake

Engineering is serious stuff. You go to school for 4+ years to get a degree. Then you go out and work in the real world for 4 more years. Then you take a crazy 8 hour test. And finally, if you can pass that beast you're allowed to call yourself a professional engineer. Whew.

See? Serious stuff.

And the only way to celebrate accomplishing all of that serious stuff is with sprinkles. Lots and lots and lots and lots of sprinkles.

For my last birthday, my aunts decided to give me FIVE POUNDS of sprinkles. That picture has maybe a pound and a half in there. I basically have so many that I have to store them in multiple containers. In order to make any kind of dent in my stash, these colorful flakes have become my trademark touch in the land of treats. I put them in almost EVERYTHING.

Therefore, my "congratulations on passing that really hard test you spent months studying for" cake for my coworker needed to have an exceptional amount of them.

I baked a small chocolate cake that I split into two and let cool.

While the cake was cooling off, I made a stencil out of cardstock.

I frosted the bottom layer and added copious amounts of sprinkles to it. The cake I made was very sticky and crumbly, so frosting it was way more of a pain than usual.

I stacked on the second half and covered it in frosting. 

Then I centered the stencil on the cake and threw on some sprinkles.

Unfortunately, when I picked up the stencil, part of the cake came too. :(

I cleaned up the cake as much as I could to get this finished project. It's not as clean ad I'd like it to look, but the sentiment is still there.



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