Saturday, March 29, 2014

crazy life

I can't believe it's almost April! My life has just been a crazy, colorful mess the last couple of months. But I'm excited to finally be slowing down a bit and having time for myself again.

January-March is competition season for the Girl Scout robotics team I help coach. While it's a big commitment, it's time well spent.

Especially when my girls do this. I am so very proud of them, which is something anyone could tell by how often I brag about them.

In addition to robotics, every February my local SWE section hosts a huge hands-on STEM outreach event. Like over 500 kids huge. I convinced some of my coworkers to help out with the marshmallow bridges this year.

They suited up and went all out. It was a lot of fun.

On top of all of that, my SWE section hosted a regional conference here in town.  While I was busy doing that, one of my Girl Scouts was kind enough to hedgehog sit for me. She, her two younger sisters, another one of my Girl Scouts, and their BFF all came over to love on Russell. I gave them free reign on the chalkboard wall, which is how it's ended up so wonderfully colorful.

They gave me strict instructions not to put it on Facebook (not sure why). However, they said nothing about other social media :)

Now that I'm back to my regular grind, I'll be back to crafting and DIYing. Stayed tuned for more posts on how my house is coming together.


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