Thursday, August 21, 2014

motivational flower pots

I kill everything. Seriously. I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life.

At the beginning of summer I tried planting sunflowers from seeds. I was actually really proud of myself. I had quite a few growing, and they seemed to be going strong. So I bragged to Chris about how well they were doing.

"Well yeah. I've been watering them every time I come over to visit you."


So I guess I'm really not getting better. Does that stop me from trying anyway? Sadly, no. You all know I don't know better.

My newest attempt has been a quad of succulents. They only need to be watered, like, once a month. That's more my style. Kind of.

I have a bunch of terracotta pots I intended to use for something else. It didn't happen, so I grabbed some leftover craft paint, glitter, my silhouette and made something crafty.

You can tell they're already trying to die.

But they have motivation.

And glitter.

And the will to make it.

I don't think Chris has aided in keeping these going. But they are still alive, so there's always some chance that he's been counteracting my black thumb.


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