Sunday, August 10, 2014

the doors

One of the biggest hang-ups I've had in my house was the color of the doors in my entry way. For some reason they were painted the same awful color as the rest of the house.


But seriously. I don't know why that was even a thing. All of the other doors in the house match the trim. So these two just stood out even worse.

It has bothered me so much that "paint doors" has literally been on my to do list for months (yes, I make daily lists and yes, I actually am using "literally" correctly). But since I'm me, I obviously have not gotten around to doing it.

Finally, I bit the bullet and just did it.

I mean, look at that difference. It's just so much nicer.

Plus, the entire project was free. Since I have no idea what color the trim actually is (let's be honest, it could probably use a good scrubbing anyway), I decided to use leftover cabinet paint. I picked it out to match the gray walls, so I figured it was the best bet for getting a white that worked anyway.

And you bet it was oh so satisfying to cross that one of the to do list.


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