Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Deck the Wall

Chalkboard writing is my new passion. I'm so glad I decided to take the leap and paint the wall in my livingroom with black chalkboard paint. It's such a huge addition to the space, and I love it.

I felt like I really set the bar high with my first creation. I think I had the added bonus of exceeding everyone's expectations, but the reactions I got from my friends and family were so flattering.

So I knew I really had to do something special for Christmas.

Which meant I procrastinated.

Christmas is almost a week away and I'm finally getting a new design up.

But it's really something special.

I put a bit more of my personality into this one and it has made it that much better.

Because Baman and Piderman making their debut on the wall? Priceless.

I have a feeling I'll be admiring this design well past December 25th. At least I have (somewhat) of a game plan for this next time around. Maybe I won't procrastinate as much...

Thank you to The Pin Junkie For allowing me to share my project.


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