Friday, December 13, 2013

Adding Another Couch

Guys, I lived in a teeny tiny one bedroom apartment BY MYSELF for two years. During those two years, I can count the number of times friends came over to just hang out on one hand. I can't blame them; there was no way more than a few of us could have fit in there.
But now that I've moved into a larger dwelling space, the urge to entertain more often keeps creeping up on me.

It was really fun having everyone over for my "kinda house warming party/mostly excuse to eat ice cream" extravaganza at the end of summer. There wasn't much seating, so most of the guests sat in lawn chairs in the middle of my living room.

I felt like this next go around I could try to be a little more classy and have adequate seating for everyone.

Now I already had a fabulous couch from my apartment living days. It's a gorgeous eggplant color and I love it. Buttttt, it's slightly difficult to match.

Since my walls are gray, I figured a gray couch might be my best choice. So on Black Friday, when NFM had a crazy awesome sale, I bought one.

For some reason, it came with the most crazy awful throw pillows that would only work well in someone's mancave (in fact, I think Chris might have curtains that these actually go with).

I'm awful at sewing, so I decided to cover these with more girly fabric via a pinterest "no sew" tutorial. It's a little frumpy looking, so I might enlist some help from my wonderfully helpful mother to make them look nicer.

I threw my existing eggplant pillows on the gray couch and the newly covered gray pillows on the eggplant couch. It definitely helps tie the two together a lot more.

Now if I just had 5+ friends to come over to make use of my now ample seating...


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