Monday, January 6, 2014

Boards for Beer

I've mentioned before that my brother started his own business last year, and I was nice enough to decorate a chalkboard sign for him over Thanksgiving.

Well I was home for Christmas and he asked if I'd do a few more for him. And being the wonderful sister that I am (and having absolutely no other plans whatsoever while I was in town) I happily obliged.

I made up their three main boards to list out their beer, cider, and wine menu. I made the styles look all snazzy, but left the menu items in an easy to read, easy to replicate typography for the boys to adjust as needed.

My mom and I also made multiple trips and used multiple coupons at Hobby Lobby to purchase him 3 smaller chalkboards for in front of his counter. I made a hops board, a yeast board, and a board for them to list out their upcoming events.

I think I did a pretty good job at whipping out SIX BOARDS in one weekend.

Granted, I did have the dog keeping me company, so that's always helpful.


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