Friday, January 3, 2014

Painting the "Storage Closet"

After looking at dozens of three and four bedroom houses on my search to find my home, I decided that a two bedroom house was more reasonable for my needs. Unfortunately, since I've moved in it's been more like a "one bedroom house with a really big closet for storing all the extra crap I haven't unpacked yet."

Yeah, not exactly what I intended it to be. And this is actually a picture taken after I picked up enough junk to be able to walk into the room. It was embarrassing.

My first to-do item for the room was to get rid of the awful paint color. You know, the one that was in every single room? It's dark and drab and makes everything feel smaller. I stayed neutral and did two base coats of Valspar's Moose Mousse (speaking of which, WHO GETS TO NAME THESE THINGS?! I totally want that job).

Then I did some very intense measuring, taping, and leveling.

I next took my Moose Mousse and sealed the tape to the wall to make sure I would get a nice, crisp line.

Once that dried, I painted two coats of Valspar's Cream in My Coffee in the stripe (same color swatch as Moose Mousse, just two shades lighter).

VoilĂ !

This is actually a bit different from the looki was going for, but I'm hoping that once I get the furniture arranged and decor up it'll come together like I imagined. Worst case scenario: it gets used as a storage closet again :P


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