Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Attempting 4. Shop for all of my groceries for the month in one trip

For those of you that haven't heard, I hate grocery shopping.


Hate hate hate.

I get in an awful cycle where I refuse to go until the last possible moment, then I have to go buy a ton of stuff, then I have to carry all of it inside in one trip (obviously more than one trip is not allowed), then I have to spend forever unloading it, then I decide I can't stand grocery shopping, then I refuse to go until the last possible moment, blah blah blah. You get the picture.

Me + grocery shopping = yuckiness

But a couple of weeks ago I read a blog about thriftiness where one of the posts described shopping for groceries only once a month. Okay, I kind of already do that? Only, the BIG BIG BIG part was completely eliminating the in between trips for "one thing." Yeah, definitely guilty of those. All. The. Time. And those get expensive, like, really expensive.

So there I was. Super intrigued by eliminating trips to the grocery store. And with the month of May shortly approaching (and the food in my refrigerator looking pretty sparse), I figured I might as well give it a try.

And I did.

And it wasn't that painful.

Basically, I meal planned for the ENTIRE month, made a shopping list of EVERYTHING I'm going to need, and sucked it up and went to the store.

It took me less than 45 minutes round trip and I only spent a little more than I usually do. I already know that I will have to go back, because I couldn't find any basil and they were out of the kind of vanilla greek yogurt I like.

But it's a work in progress, and I think I'm going to be able to perfect this system in a few months.

So here's to a future of avoiding the grocery store as much as possible! Hurray!!


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