Sunday, November 7, 2010


Earlier this weekend I attended the Griffith's Leadership Society fall conference. I'm really glad I went. I've been to my fair share of conferences in college, but most of them were muddled with information to improve other things. This one was basically just about improving myself, which was very refreshing. I felt like I learned a lot and have some things to focus on to create a better me.

One session that especially lit my fire was the "Branding Yourself Through Social Media." I assumed it would be basic stuff that I already knew, but there were a lot of things that I had never even thought about. I was so surprised. So here are somethings I'm going to accomplish this week:
  • Write my own personal mission statement.
  • Think up my "personal board of directors"
  • Polish up my LinkedIn page... and try to use it more
  • Use the career explorer feature on LinkedIn
  • Make a Twitter (eeeeeeeeeek. I've basically avoided this thus far, but this weekend may have actually convinced me to create one for myself)
  • Clean up my facebook some
I feel really motivated right now, so I'm going to try and make it through my "To Do" list I created yesterday and knock some stuff out of the way. There are only two more weeks until Thanksgiving break.
I. Cannot. Wait.

"Ah, to live. To live would be an awfully great adventure." -Peter Pan


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