Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As expected, I've thoroughly been enjoying break. I accidentally crawled into bed around 6.30PM last night and didn't get up until 8 or so this morning. Brilliant. That was the second time I've slept 12+ hours in one night. I probably should not make this a habit...

Today I started "cleaning" my closet. Basically, I relocated half of the giant pile of junk that built up on the closet floor to the entirety of my room. Fantastic. This should be a nice beast to tackle before Friday WHEN MY BFFs COME TO TOWN. WHOOP WHOOP. (I cannot wait, in case you couldn't tell.)

I got an email today about a potential job :) I'm trying not to get too excited, because I don't think it really means anything yet. But my application did make it through the first obstacle, so hopefully I won't have to wait until March to hear about the next step in the process.
This whole job hunt is very nerve-racking. I've been so busy going through the motions this whole semester that I haven't had much time for myself. I really just need to spend good quality time with me figuring out what I want for my future. Right now I'm not quite sure what that is, so working on finding a career for the rest of my life hasn't been too successful. I need to take the initiative to change that.

I really like how I've been motivating myself to be better through my blog. If only I updated this thing regularly...


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