Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2

So the living room looks like a disaster zone. I kind of have craft ADD going on right now, and I may have gotten a little too excited with starting projects. Nevertheless, I managed to finish one up this evening.
DAY 2 Project:

Again, I originally found this idea on this blog. (What would I do without all the things I discover from StumbleUpon and Pinterest?)

I would like to thank Miss Amelia for the 1AM shopping trip last night where I found some darling scrap fabric. It inspired me to work on this craft ASAP (obviously).

I got a rotary cutter this weekend. This may be my favorite crafting tool ever. Seriously.

No step-by-step pictures here. I had to hand sew this puppy since I don't have a sewing machine. It took approximately 3 movies to finish. I need a sewing machine...

Finished product! I have one more identical towel I plan to jazz up as well.

I made a pizza from scratch for dinner. Next time, I'm going to use some kick-ass cheese. The kind I used sucked and I think it really brought down the overall quality. I won't be letting that happen again...


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