Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Project Life

My life is so busy right now that I'm not sure why I added another project to it. But I started running across Project Life stuff all over Pinterest and became intrigued. I love scrapbooking, but it's usually such a hassle and time sucker that I never get around to doing it. But this concept looked fairly straightforward, so I decided to attempt it for 2014.

Because everything is so compartmentalize, I can easily get the few supplies I need out and plop down in front of the tv and put together a spread in less than 30 minutes. It's really a nice mental break from everything else I have going on.

I'm doing weekly one-page spreads, and just completed my final January week last night! Go me! (Please forgive the picture quality. I use my phone and am still working on eliminating glare :/)

Week 1
(December 29 - January 4)

Week 2 (January 5 - January 11)

Week 3 (January 12 - January 18)

Week 4 (January 19 - January 25)

Week 5 (January 26 - February 1)


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