Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas break

So I've technically been done with school since Monday, but now that I'm done with graduation it officially feels like break.

I am super horrible at keeping gifts a secret, and I hate having to wait extra time to give them to people. Therefore, Emily already got to open part of her Christmas present (which was hand-crafted, of course).

Emily's SWECA Letters
I first covered all of the letters with spiffy Mizzou colored paper and used my exacto knife to cut them out.

Here are the letters with the scrapbook paper.

I then added embellishments to each individual letter.

And this is the finished product that will be displayed in her office this semester. Success.

This doesn't have anything to do with Emily's Christmas present, but I had to take a picture of the heart sushi arranged in a four leaf clover. So here's a bonus picture:

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  1. oh snaps! i think i see some avocado in that sushi :)