Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a little perspective

so i have decided that i really don't need more hours in the day. honestly, i just need there to be less things i need to do. well, duhhh. that's incredibly obvious. if only there was a way i could make that happen. i think i'm going to start trying a lot harder to not do everything myself. it's not my job to control absolutely everything, so i need to take a step back and let others do work too. that's only fair, right?

speaking of having less things to do, i have just added something extra to my plate. OOPS! in my defense, it was really grace's idea. she mentioned she really wanted to have a vlog, so that's how this baby evolved. our first filming is planned for this sunday, so get exciiiiited.

it's only tuesday, but i already feel this week flying by.
so. much. to. do. gahhhhhhh.
so enough blogging, i must go be productive. i have my candle making my room smell delightful, so now it's time to get things done. it's funny how that works :)

"It's time for you to prove, Within your ruby shoes, You deserve a smile with no regret, Look at you, Kicking off your shoes, Dancing for the world to see, You got the power to believe, Open up and see, And I'll be free and fly away" - Erin McCarley, Pony (It's OK)

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